Monday, August 5, 2019

WinCross v19 Release The Analytical Group has released WinCross v19, statistical crosstabulation and data analysis software. WinCross 19 comes linked with WinCross Executive®, a powerful online tool that you and your clients can access to view your data and tabulations from anywhere in the world. Highlights: WinCross 19 adds NPS statistical testing, calculation of outliers, advanced sample balancing, and quicker processing time. We've added NPS statistical testing, and you can also create a NPS summary across multiple variables using the Express table setup! You can now easily remove outliers based on a specified standard deviation with our new calculate outliers feature. Sample balancing multiple variables across different segments can now be done quickly and efficiently with our new sample balancing filter option. Other new features include quicker processing time, enhanced banner creation from tables, inserting banner columns from variables, and much more! WinCross is available in both desktop and network configurations; Compatible with all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows. Check it out... For more information, visit or contact The Analytical Group, Inc., at, 800.280.7200.

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